We are rolling out MyAngus registration to improve our online service.

When you register, you create a secure online account which will, in time, give you:

  • a single sign-in for over 40 online council services
  • auto-completion of your contact details on online forms
  • a way to manage all of your requests, subscriptions or payments through your MyAngus account

MyAngus is currently being rolled out for our online services and you must register to access these services online.

When it is fully rolled out MyAngus will give us a single verified record for each online customer, which will help us improve the service we offer you.

Please note if you are already registered with mygovscot you do not need to register again for MyAngus, just use the sign-in button below.

Having trouble logging in?

Find out more about myaccount


Please use our online service if you can as it is easy and convenient, and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also reduces call waiting times for those who need to speak to our customer services team and helps us to keep transaction costs to a minimum. If you do need to speak to a customer services adviser please call 03452 777 778, between 8am and 6pm, Monday – Friday.

Business customers

MyAngus for business will be rolled out at a later date. Until then you can access services for businesses without registering with MyAngus.


Privacy and protection of your personal details

Registration and sign-in for your online customer account is powered by the Scottish Government's MyAccount service. It uses personal details such as date of birth and gender to check who you are and allows you to use a single account to access a range of Scottish public services online.

MyAccount registration requires you to enter some personal details such as date of birth and gender to register – this is to check who you are. However Angus Council only receives the personal details required for the service you are using. For example your date of birth is needed for National Entitlement Card services such as bus passes and Young Scot cards, but we would not require or record those details for a special uplift or garden waste subscription.

The MyAccount service ensures your details remain secure. Your information will not be sold to or shared with companies in the private sector.

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